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Academy Literacy Project - "ALP"
The Academy is dedicated to the elimination of illiteracy all across the United States. This is our goal. This is our mission. One of the worst societal catastrophes in our country, illiteracy affects between 32 and 42 million Americans in virtually every geographical area. Many factors contribute to this pandemic, and the consequences of illiteracy are no less than profound.

We will not waste a moment of time on an argument about by what percentage illiteracy should be reduced in its occurrence. We have instead resolved to eliminate illiteracy 100% across the nation.

That effort has now begun by The Academy. By and through our expert Creative Team of extraordinary educators, we have created the instructional materials to accomplish this monumental task in a very short period of time with a concerted effort involving The Academy, its Licensees, and our concerned and caring partners.

Every day that illiteracy exists is one day too many. Join us right now to put illiteracy behind us and positively impact the millions of lives that it now affects.

While Academy Literacy Project will continue for years into the future, our amazing program with support can achieve its goals quickly.

If you want to be involved in this most altruistic program, e-mail us today to determine how you can help. We welcome your support with enthusiasm.

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