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Academy of Private Investigation and Loss Prevention
Academy Education Licensor, Inc. has created incomparable educational materials related to investigations for private sector investigators (security officers and guards, loss prevention professionals, and private investigators) as well as public sector officers and agents. These educational materials include curricula for 21 courses and 23 seminars plus 24 hardbound textbooks.
The need for qualified, trained investigators has never been greater in the United States than right now.
The consequences of criminal acts have never been greater, including acts of corporate espionage and terrorism.
States are mandating training for security officers and guards as well as private investigators, and The Academy has created educational materials for such training.
The need to protect personal information from identity theft has never been greater.
The need to protect children from predators and dangers has never been greater.
Included in the educational materials are seminars for the general public (Identity Theft), parents and teachers (child protection), and employees, supervisors and managers, executives, business owners, and Human Resources Professionals (prevention of loss).
Look at the courses and seminars and think about the benefits for all with these educational materials in your schools.
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