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The detailed Licensee Candidate Questionnaire allows us to learn about you early in the Licensee selection process.

Licensing Agreements

We have streamlined the Licensing Process for our USA Licensee Candidates. The Licensing Process below can be completed in about two weeks.
  1. Send us a brief e-mail identifying yourself and providing contact information. Explain your interest in establishing and operating superior schools throughout your county with our educational materials.
  2. Complete the Licensee Candidate Questionnaire in full (see below).
  3. Ask questions via e-mail. We will respond timely to your inquiries.
  4. If you qualify, we will send you the draft of a Licensing Agreement.
  5. Set a date for an in-person meeting with us here in the USA ... in Phoenix, Arizona ... for a full review of the educational materials that each Licensee gets.
  6. Upon final approval, signing of the Licensing Agreement, and payment of the Licensing Fee, the Licensee will receive one day of educational material review and guidance in Phoenix, Arizona.

All Licensee Candidates are responsible for their own travel, lodging, transportation, and meal expenses when visiting Academy Education Licensor, Inc. in Arizona.
The Academy seeks professional Licensees who have a passion for first class classroom instruction and a true sense of urgency about moving forward in the host county.

The Academy Licensee Candidate Questionnaire
To follow is The Academy's Licensee Candidate Questionnaire. Please take the time to complete this very important document in full and submit it as soon as possible as instructed. Our website provides you with a wealth of information about The Academy's Licensing Program. In turn, The Academy needs information about you for a well-balanced evaluation process. We do not request any financial information from any Candidate. We merely request other very important information. Always feel perfectly free to contact us by e-mail to ask questions, including about Questionnaire completion, submission, and evaluation. All of your information will be retained in a secure file and will be held in the strictest confidence.

Word Format Questionnaire or PDF Format Questionnaire

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