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Each county's License has a very reasonable one-time Licensing Fee.

What We Offer Our Licensees
A Commitment to a Business Partnership
As a Licensor, we believe that a solid relationship with each of our Licensees is absolutely critical. We believe that our responsibility is to completely orientate each Licensee to the licensed materials and then fully support and assist the Licensee through answering questions about the licensed materials as they arise in their pursuit of success. We are committed to being a true partner to each Licensee within the scope of the Licensing Agreement. We view this as our goal and corporate responsibility.

On-Going Support
The Academy will continue to answer all of your material-related questions on an on-going basis. Each Licensee will have support from The Academy's Corporate Management Team. Our commitment is to be available to our Licensees and assist them with every question they may have about materials as timely as possible.

The Exclusive County
We have carefully selected about 200 counties around the nation as Academy exclusive counties for our Licensing Program. We selected full counties as the Licensing model in order to afford each Licensee the ability to grow their successful business into a multi-unit enterprise and thus maximize the business within the county. This is in the tradition of the true entrepreneurial spirit.

Academy Students
We have created educational materials that cater to the instructional needs of a very broad range of individuals, from elementary school students, to junior and senior high school students, to adults, to parents and teachers, to employees and professionals in many avocations. This is an enormous potential audience for each Academy unit, offering a virtually inexhaustible supply of students for the Licensee.

Courses of Instruction
The educational materials for all courses of instruction at The Academy's three schools have been created by professionals in their respective fields and are designed for maximum educational impact for each student. All course materials are germane and relevant to today's student needs. Every set of course materials includes a formal in-classroom curriculum and a corresponding book. Language courses additionally have supporting audio recordings and flash cards. The educational materials for every course are of the finest quality.

Text/work Books
Academy Education Licensor, Inc. has written over 100 text/work books for Academy of English Language Learning and over 120 text/work books for Academy of Second Language Learning. Each book is fully synchronized with the corresponding classroom curriculum and serves as a homework review for students. Text/work books have a series of exercises in each chapter plus a series of Extra Effort exercises at the end of every chapter for students who want to go further. At the end of every text/work book is an entire chapter of Extra Extra Effort exercises that serve as a full course review. Elementary English and Elementary Spanish educational materials (books and curricula) are fully illustrated with colorful illustrated book covers.

The Academy has written 24 textbooks for Academy of Private Investigation and Loss Prevention that support all of the curricula for that school's courses and seminars. Each textbook is hardbound and has been written to be read. Every course and every seminar has a corresponding textbook that is proprietary to The Academy.
Licensee Orientation
The Academy provides every new Licensee with a thorough orientation session that encompasses one full day. Virtually every aspect of the Licensed educational materials is covered in the formal orientation.

Service Mark
The Academy provides its three service marks (one per school) to its Licensees for their use on Licensed materials.

Website / E-Mail
The Academy has designed and we have a copyright for our web sites that are designed to detail and promote our educational materials, and we provide each Licensee with their own exclusive web sites, including one for each of the Licensee's units as they come on line. You will be able to market your Academy on your own Academy web site, list all courses and seminars offered, and post course schedules. We provide each Licensee with e-mail accounts for the Licensee and all staff members at each local Academy unit. We do this strictly for security purposes to protect the interests of our educational materials. The web site and e-mail are provided to our Licensees by our approved exclusive vendor for a separate fee to the Licensee, as outlined in the Licensing Agreement.

Continuing Research & Development
The Academy Corporate Staff will continue to develop additional course and seminar offerings that meet the educational needs of Students. The Academy maintains the highest standard of course development and will continue to consider additional instructional offerings that will have wide appeal, can attract a large number of students over a long period of time, and fit The Academy's offering format. There is no additional special charge for any of the new course materials from The Academy for the Licensee throughout the duration of the Licensing Agreement.

We here at Academy Education Licensor, Inc. are confident that every Licensee Candidate will find The Academy's educational materials to be the most comprehensive and finest anywhere. Great care has been taken at every step of development to ensure professional-level educational materials that go the distance for students' needs. Our educational materials will provide each Licensee with a platform for exceptional classroom instruction for all three of The Academy's schools. Review this web site in detail for a wealth of information, then contact us by e-mail on the Contact Us page to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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